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Articles - Jon Ambler

Jon has been featured on the defign. blog website. Check it out here. … More >
9 June 2015

Pitching In For Charity

Kapiti News Article: Pitching in for Charity - Designed by ADarchitecture.  … More >
28 May 2015
Pitching In For Charity

A Green Investment

Here's an article about a house designed by ADarchitecture. View A Green Investment. … More >
12 May 2015

Peter has been featured on the defign. blog website. Check it out here. … More >
12 May 2015


View our April Newsletter here. … More >
28 April 2015


Here's our latest Newsletter:
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5 February 2015

Upcoming Event

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6 November 2014
SBC Flyer

What's new at AD Architecture?

We've had a lot going on here at ADarchitecture. Check out what's been happening in our July 2014 Newsletter… More >
18 July 2014

The Changing Landscape of Eco Design and Architecture

Sustainability is an area of ever-increasing importance for almost all sectors of business, and the housing market is crucial to implementing solutions for day-to-day living. … More >
1 April 2014

Ever thought that it won't happen to you!

Before the early 2000's, terms like WHRS, Weathertight Remedial Design, cavity cladding systems and the emotionally charged subject of the "Leaky Building Syndrome" never came into the conversations around building a new home or building. … More >
11 October 2013 , Jon