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Hanna Construction

One of the companies Hanna has a strong partnership with is AD Architecture.  “In the 30 odd years I’ve been in business I’d say we’d find them the one of the best architectural companies we’ve ever been involved with. … More >
22 September 2011 , Admin

North Face Construction

AD Architecture designed Chris and Leonie Beggs’ showhome.  “I’ve known Jon and Peter a long time, I like their work,” Chris Beggs says.  “We had our own ideas and other people’s ideas and AD Architecture were the ones that could pull that together and get it all to work. … More >
22 September 2011 , Admin


Recently B & K Developers has constructed a number of homes for clients in the new Rosetta Cove subdivision, Raumati. These are high end homes noted for their diverse architecture, designed by Peter Davis of AD Architecture. … More >
22 September 2011 , Admin

WHRS Remedial Design

When finding yourself in the stressful position of owning a “leaky” home the very last thing that you should do is do nothing. … More >
1 September 2011 , Jon

ADarchitecture & Co

As any homeowner will tell you, buildings are so much more than bricks and mortar. Your home is a reflection of your personality and somewhere where you can comfortable and secure. … More >
1 September 2011 , Admin

Sustainability and you

Peter and I have been debating how best to help generate the same sort of interest and excitement out there in the public domain that we have both developed over sustainable design and it's integration into day to day house design. … More >
19 August 2011 , Jon

Wellington Master Builders Awards

8 August 2011 , Jon

Professional Development

Last week Jon and Peter attended a Homestar training seminar as part of their on-going professional development and interest in sustainable design. … More >
31 July 2011 , Admin

ADNZ Wellington Design Awards

We are happy to announce that our entry for the Itjeshorst House in Te Horo, is a finalist in the Residential Alterations category. The owners’ existing house needed a lot of maintenance work, and as a result of several extensions, also had a dysfunctional layout. … More >
22 July 2011 , Admin
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An Alternative Source of Energy

Solar energy is an abundant energy source which is free, non-polluting, and renewable. The number of New Zealand home owners profiting from the installation of solar panels is growing rapidly every year, and AD Architecture promotes its use. … More >
1 July 2011 , Admin