A very sustainable Happy Birthday to us!

Posted by Jon on 8 June 2011


Three years to the day since the doors closed on the offices of Peter Davis Architecture and JONA Architectural Design, AD Architecture celebrates it's Birthday with a staff "fush and chup" lunch on the Paraparaumu foreshore.

During this short timeframe we have all endured a recession which has at times been challenging for most businesses in NZ and abroad and have also seen massive changes in the New Zealand building industry due to the "leaky" building situation.

During this period we have concentrated on establishing great systems within our office and encouraged all the staff at AD Architecture to constantly up-skill themselves on the latest CAD and building industry requirements. We feel that we have created an excellent local architectural option that has the relevant experience with the technological expertise to back it up.

Looking forward, with the World Cup only around the corner, a shortage in housing stock in NZ, the unfortunate situation in Christchurch and more WHRS projects coming on line (again an unfortunate situation) we believe that the NZ building industry could soon be experiencing unprecedented demand that will stretch our limited resources to the limits.

Thanks for your continued support of us.

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