Connecting a Bask Louvre Roof to a Skillion Roof

Posted by ADArchitecture on 10 August 2018

Connecting a louvre roof to a skillion roof naturally came with some additional challenges.  The sloping soffit meant the usual fixing methods for connecting the Bask louvre roof support beam had some added complexity. 

The simplest method is to build a timber frame and fit an integrated roof into it.  This solution works well as it’s easier to cut the timber to the slope than to modify existing louvre roof bracketry.  However, this is not always possible and some customers want to retain the benefits of aluminium legs such as hidden downpipes and the option of powder coating them to suit existing joinery. 

In these cases, the next most popular option is to custom make soffit brackets to match the slope of the soffit.  This takes a little planning and does incur some extra cost.  Whilst lastly there is a third option that is not widely used, which is to connect the roof to the sloping soffit with the normal right angle brackets.  In this case the right angle of the roof to the leg is maintained and instead it is the legs that end up on a slope. 

This solution was chosen recently by the innovative team at AD Architecture, resulting in the louvre roof being on the same pitch as the roof whilst the roof legs end up being on an angle.  We think this gives the roof functionality and just looks a little different.  The job required the installers HomePlus Wellington to think outside the square and work in with the building, putting the footings on the corresponding angle to ensure the foot of the leg sat flatly on them. 

A Bask louvre roof cleverly fitted alongside a Skillion roof2

AD Architecture concept drawing for Bask Louvre Roof on Skillion roof2

Bask Louvre Roof fitted to a Skillion roof designed by AD Architecture2

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