Jon & Peter's Newspaper Column October 22

Posted on 22 October 2015

Internal Health

Just as it is important for the human body to have the right environment in the stomach for optimal health, so it goes that the inside of your home needs optimal conditions for healthy occupants.
Unfortunately around 30% of homes in NZ are not insulated. High moisture levels, combined with inadequate heating and a lack of ventilation contributes to an alarming rate of respiratory disease. One person dies of Asthma in NZ every week, with many more needing serious medical treatment. Mental health can also be seriously affected. Moist air causes mould to form and is much harder to heat than dry air, so we need to ensure our homes reduce moisture internally as much as possible. Un-flued gas heaters and drying clothes inside are big NO No's. An average washing load puts 5 litres of water into the air. Bathrooms and Kitchens must have good extraction to remove steam. By eliminating moisture, providing ventilation (simply opening windows 12-20 minutes a couple of times a day) and providing some good heating (such as a heat pump) will greatly improve the health of a home occupants when combined with good insulation (refer article 2, 2nd July 2015) and windows (article 3, 16th July 2015)