Jon & Peter's Newspaper Column October 8

Posted on 7 October 2015

Building Consent Exempt Work

Under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 (In October 2008, Schedule 1 was expanded, with the introduction of 12 new exemptions) certain building work is not required to have a building consent but the work is not required to have a building consent but the work is still required to be constructed in accordance with Building Code requirements.

Examples of exempt building work are:

  • Removing or changing an internal wall in an existing building, as long as the building's structural stability or the means of escape from fire are unaffected, and the wall is not a masonry wall
  • Building small awnings and pergolas, or small verandas over a deck
  • Installing, removing or replacing windows or exterior doors, provided there have not been weathertightness problems and there is no change to structural elements
  • Making a home more accessible

People thinking about undertaking a project under Schedule 1 should carefully consider the long term issues.

One of the biggest potential issues is that without a building consent, your Building Consent Authority (BCA) does not hold any records of your project therefore when you come to sell the property, a potential purchaser could back out of a deal without suitable proof that work was completed to code.

Further information is available from your local BCA & MBIE -