Jon & Peter's Newspaper column Aug 13

Posted on 13 August 2015

Steps for a healthy new home

Remember, the NZ Building Code requirements are minimum standards and we strongly recommend that a new house build should aim to achieve well above Code.


Homestar Logo

Homestar is an independent rating scheme run by the New Zealand Green Building Council. Having your home rated can give you really useful information about how well your house is or will be performing.

Homes are rated out of 10 in a number of key areas. Most older NZ Housing stock sits in the 1-3 star range, while a new home built to the NZ Building Code minimum will typically achieve a 4 or possibly 5 star. We believe that 6 or 7 star is relatively simple to achieve with good design and smart selections in key areas such as heating, insulation and windows. You get the most bang for your buck at this level. While it is worthy to aim higher (there are now two 10 star rated homes in NZ), this usually comes at a significant additional capital cost.

Consider getting a rating done before deciding on your alteration, new design or completed house.



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