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Kapiti Sports Turf

The trust established a new international grade hockey turf several years ago. The next stage of the development was to construct a facility containing changing rooms (to cater for 4 teams), lounge with bar and commercial kitchen that can accommodate functions, receptions and after match presentations, offices, equipment storage, and an umpires room. 

The first step in the design process was establishing an identity for the Trust that could be incorporated into the design of the building. In association with Brandit Graphic Design – ADarchitecture provided a new logo which signifies the use of the facility by different sports and incorporates colours that are traditionally used to identify the Paraparaumu/Kapiti area. 

The building itself needed to be easily accessible from both the car park and the turf level. The use of the contoured bank on a narrow strip of land between the car park and the turf influenced the design. In order to encourage spectators and players to enter and use the lounge, it was particularly important that the lounge area was not elevated above basement rooms 

The overall concept (as per the original design) allows for future offices beyond the kitchen and a practice turf over the changing room roof (which will also be able to accommodate temporary seating for larger tournaments). 

The design incorporates blocks at each end that vividly and proudly identifies the building. The sloping roof lounge neatly dissects the two blocks and cantilevers on one side for a snug area and on the other side to provide a magnificent viewing balcony. The main building sits on top of the bank to give enough elevation for viewing matches on the turf, yet remains close enough to the ground for good access from both sides. The changing rooms were deliberately set into the bank to provide level access from the turf and reduce the visual impact of these service rooms. 

Virtually all the money for the building was by donation and charity funding, therefore a very tight budget needed to be strictly adhered to. The selection of products and finishes were carefully considered and selected to ensure best value, whilst maintaining aesthetic and longevity as much as practicable. Colour was introduced on various surfaces to create vibrant and interesting interior spaces that initially relied on more expensive materials. 

Rainwater is collected from the roof into storage tanks that are used to water the turf. 

Location: Paraparaumu


Highly Commended, Commercial Design, ADNZ Regional

Builder: Hawkins Construction

Photographer: Paddy Riley

Tags: sports facility hockey turf

But don't just take our word for it...

Kapiti Turf Trust said:
“ We wish to formally record our appreciation of your part in the building of the Pavilion and changing rooms at the Kapiti Hockey Turf. As you will have noticed, we as trustees are very pleased with the building as is the entire membership of the Kapiti Hockey Club. The design, colours and utility of the building are outstanding both for its core purpose as a hockey pavilion and as an event venue.

From the initial design and through your support in the selection of the construction company you became a key part of our team. Your introductions and advice for the selection of the consultants was most helpful. Your responsibility and professionalism through the building stage with the service from both you and Mike Robertson being the highest quality and support to the Trust.

The support of you and your firm in terms of giving and driving the community nature of the project undoubtedly helped in bringing the project in within budget. ”
A.D KapitiHockey 002

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